Your Next Drink Could Be on the House – Bean Rewards Program

Your Next Drink Could Be on the House – Bean Rewards Program

The Bean Coffee Roasters Rewards Program is being upgraded this week. Seeking to make the program simpler and more generous, Bean Coffee Roasters will now give you a free drink of your choice after every 10 paid transactions.

Participating in the Bean Coffee Roasters Rewards Program:

  • To join the Rewards program, all you need to do is provide your first name, last name, and your telephone number.
  • When you get to the register, simply type in your telephone number and your transaction will be count toward your next reward.
  • Rewards are based on paid transactions (not visits or purchase amounts) so you can potentially gain two or three points on a single visit if you go back for additional purchases or refills.
  • At the conclusion of each transaction, your point total will be presented so you can track your progress to your next reward.
  • Initially, the reward was a free 16 oz. drink of your choice. Starting this week, there is no longer a size restriction on the reward. If you want a large drink, go large! It’s on the house.
  • Unfortunately, the functionality of the kiosk at Bean Coffee Roasters is not supporting Rewards program participation at this point so you won’t get rewards credit for kiosk transactions. This is an issue that is being pursued with the kiosk vendor to try and enable as soon as possible.

Personally, I love the Rewards program. I’m there so often that I’m racking up free drinks almost every week. I hope you will take advantage of the program and cash in on the generosity of Bean Coffee Roasters. This is just another way Bean Coffee Roasters demonstrates their commitment to doing whatever they can to provide the ultimate coffee drinking experience.

Cam Finley
For Bean Coffee Roasters