Why Micro-Roasted Coffee is the Way to Go

Why Micro-Roasted Coffee is the Way to Go

Sometimes walking up the ramp to Bean Coffee Roasters, I am greeted with the wonderful smell of freshly roasting coffee beans. Just like coming home to the smell of freshly baked cookies when I was a child, the smell fills me with anticipation for the treat that will soon be mine. I’m thankful that just about every day I am able to start my day with an indulgent little treat…a cup of Bean Coffee Roasters coffee.

Putting “Roasters” in the name of the coffee shop was no mere marketing ploy. Bean Coffee Roasters is unique among coffee shops in that they micro-roast their coffee beans every day right in the shop. Many places will talk about how careful they are to preserve the freshness of their roasted coffee beans to preserve their freshness but the truth is, once you roast the beans the coffee has a very small window of optimal flavor. There are many different ways to try and slow down this loss of flavor but there is only one way to avoid it, brew the coffee immediately.

That being the case, Bean Coffee Roasters has a roasting machine in every coffee shop and they roast small batches of coffee beans throughout the day every day to keep up with the demand. It would be much easier and less expensive to just roast bigger batches of coffee beans less frequently but that wouldn’t provide the best tasting coffee for Bean Coffee Roasters’ customers.

Even the coffee beans roasted and packaged for customers to take home must be prepared “just in time” so they live up to the quality standard of Bean Coffee Roasters. Paul Romo (managing partner of Bean Coffee Roasters) has told me many times how much he worries that people might be served Bean Coffee Roasters coffee that has been allowed to get old before it is prepared. The best coffee is roasted and served fresh every day – that is the Bean Coffee Roasters’ way.

Cam Finley
For Bean Coffee Roasters