Who’s Who at Bean Coffee Roasters?

Who’s Who at Bean Coffee Roasters?

Being at Bean Coffee Roasters as often as I am, I’ve noticed some regulars like myself who appear to be similarly fond of the Bean Coffee Roasters experience. I thought it would be a good idea to do a few quick profiles of some fellow enthusiasts so you can have a better idea of what other people love about Bean Coffee Roasters.

Heather Thompson
Heather is someone I expect to see every day at least once and probably several times. This is despite running a thriving small business with her husband, Jon. Together they run The Window Decorators* and specialize in shutters, shades and blinds. Their business keeps them very busy but they still make at least one visit to Bean Coffee Roasters a priority.

*Heather and The Window Decorators can be reached at (951) 616-8883 if you want more info.

When did you start coming to Bean Coffee Roasters and why?
My first trip to the Bean was February 10, 2017. It forever has changed my life!

What brings you back to BCR?
Besides my iced latte always tasting amazing, it’s the customer service that I get that brings me back.  I walk in and am always greeted. The staff knows my drink and sometimes they have it ready to go before I even finish ordering.

How often do you come?
I come every day and most days I come twice.

What is your favorite drink/food order?
I am in love with the iced vanilla latte with almond milk!!!

Do you get the same thing every time or do you mix it up?
I always get the same drink.  

What’s your take on Bean Coffee Roasters Coffee?
It’s by far the best coffee I have ever had. I have searched while I am out of town to satisfy my coffee needs, and I am always disappointed and eager to come home to visit Bean.  

The Service?
Hands down the best service around. The staff gets to know you and you can tell they love their jobs and the art of making amazing coffee.  

The Setting?
When you walk into Bean, you feel comfortable and want to stay and hang out. It’s a great place to study or meet friends.  

Do you have any ideas for improving Bean Coffee Roasters?
We need more Bean Coffee Roasters!!  

Next time you’re in Bean Coffee Roasters, keep your eyes open and you may catch Heather and her family dropping by for one of their many visits.

Cam Finley
For Bean Coffee Roasters