The Case for Cold Brew

The Case for Cold Brew

As the weather begins to turn toward summer, it’s time to consider some of the iced coffee options on the Bean Coffee Roasters’ menu. That’s not to say that there is ever a bad time to enjoy iced coffee beverages. One of the most popular drinks year-round is the Iced Vanilla Latte, which if you haven’t yet, you really need to give it a try. But there is another drink that is ideal for taking the edge off your summer thirst…the Cold Brewed Coffee.

Some might wrongly assume that the cold brew coffee is just hot coffee poured over ice which, although tasty, is not at all the same. Like everything else they do, Bean Coffee Roasters takes an artisan approach to the crafting of their cold brew coffee to create the very best experience possible for their customers.

The cold brew process is the most thorough and subtle way to make a great cup of coffee. I spent a few minutes with Zach Kneebusch the other day to have him explain the steps Bean Coffee Roasters takes to prepare their cold brew coffee. Here’s the inside scoop:

First of all, Zach has selected shade grown Honduran coffee beans grown at high altitude because those conditions produce a more complex tasting drink. Those beans are also roasted longer over a lower heat to prepare the beans for the best results in brewing. Within one hour of grinding, the Honduran beans are placed in a 2 pound filter bag and left in a 5 gallon container at room temperature for precisely 18 hours.

Zach explained how room temperature and the 18-hour steep time combine to allow the coffee flavor to reach the pinnacle of flavor. After 18 hours, Bean Coffee Roasters chills the cold brew and will only serve it to customers for 48 hours after the steeping process is complete.

Bean Coffee Roasters only prepares 5 gallons of cold brew each day so you better come by early to make sure you get yours. When it’s gone, it’s gone and they frequently sell out the daily allotment. As the weather begins to heat up, there is no better way to take the edge off your thirst.

Cam Finley
For Bean Coffee Roasters