Introducing Brett Poldrugo

Introducing Brett Poldrugo

One of the things that separates Bean Coffee Roasters from other coffee shops is the quality of the service you can expect every time you go there. The team behind the counter understands they play an important role in my coffee drinking experience. Yes, I want a great cup of coffee but I don’t want it served up with a side of coffee snobbery or attitude. If you’ve been to multiple coffee shops like I have, you have undoubtedly encountered some snooty barista who takes themselves way too seriously. That kind of service rubs me the wrong way for a lot of reasons and makes me love Bean Coffee Roasters all the more.

At Bean Coffee Roasters, you can tell they are proud of the coffee they serve but they also understand that the coffee shop exists for the enjoyment of the customer. They don’t want to just make great coffee. They want to make happy customers. They assume you come to Bean Coffee Roasters to get an excellent cup of coffee and they know they can do that every time.

I’ve gotten to know the baristas over time and I thought it might be helpful for you to get to know them as well. I decided to start with Brett Poldrugo because he’s a great guy and he will only be here for another couple weeks before heading over to Ireland for the summer. I’m hoping to set up a back channel with Brett to get updates on his trip and pass them on you periodically. I’m sure he will have many interesting stories to tell.

Brett is currently a film student at Palomar Community College and has arranged an internship for the summer in Dublin, Ireland. He will be performing video editing for a magazine company for ten weeks. When he returns, he will be going to Glendale Community College before transferring to Cal State Northridge to complete his film studies.

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