Bean Coffee Roasters, the Brand Backstory

Bean Coffee Roasters, the Brand Backstory

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. It doesn’t do anyone any good to sit around and complain about how it ought to be. I haven’t had the chance to ask Bill Kneebusch if that was what he was thinking when he first started making plans to build a new coffee shop in Temecula. Not one for sitting around and hoping things get better, Bill had a very clear picture in his mind of what he wanted from a coffee shop and decided to make it happen.

Bill is what some would call a “serial entrepreneur” having a track record of starting and managing multiple successful businesses, often simultaneously. A key part of Bill’s success has been his partnership with Paul Romo, the highly capable implementer who helps Bill bring his vision to life. Together they sketched out what Bean Coffee Roasters needed to look and feel like and committed to providing the best coffee in town.

Paul has done an amazing job of translating Bill’s vision into what has become my favorite coffee shop. I see a three-part strategy in action at Bean Coffee Roasters and for me the formula is working very well:

  1. Great Coffee – Bean Coffee Roasters has dialed in the entire process from harvested coffee beans (I don’t think they grow their own beans…yet) to the designer coffee cups with built-in insulation so you don’t need those annoying sleeves. Paul studied the state of the coffeemaking art and then built the delivery system to make it happen here in Temecula.
  2. Great Service – Few things rankle me more than a snooty barista seeming annoyed that I interrupted whatever else they were doing or acting like they are doing me a favor by letting me pay them money for a cup of coffee. I love the team at Bean Coffee Roasters! You can tell they are happy to be working there and they are eager to serve in any way they can. And they know what they’re doing!
  3. Great Setting – There is a powerful first impression customers get walking into Bean Coffee Roasters. My first thought was that Bean Coffee Roasters had hired some Interior Designer, gave them a blank check, and set them loose. I have since learned that it was Bill, himself, who designed the look and feel of the coffee lounge. I just love the simple, comfortable elegance each time I visit.

There’s more to the story that I hope to unpack in future articles. But for now, let me just say for all of us, “Thank you, Bill and Paul!”

Cam Finley
For Bean Coffee Roasters