Bean Birthday Bash

Bean Birthday Bash

On July 5, 2016, Bean Coffee Roasters opened its doors for the very first time. At the time Bill and Paul had no idea if people would actually be interested in what Bean had to offer. Fortunately for us, on that first morning when they opened the doors at 630am, there were customers at the door eager to give Bean Coffee Roasters a try. And the customers just keep coming.

Bean Coffee Roasters was conceived when Bill, a long-time customer of a different coffee brand, reached a point of frustration with what he was being asked to accept by the other coffee shop. Bill had been looking into what went into making the best coffee so he could potentially make great coffee for guests to his home. On one of his regular visits to his coffee shop of choice at that time, he decided to change up his regular order and try an extra shot to see how he liked it. The barista serving him indicated that would be no problem and said they would add an extra scoop. Having learned how the best coffee was made, it was immediately clear to Bill that he was being expected to be satisfied with substandard coffee.

Bill is not the kind of person to just accept what was available when it was within his ability to find better. In this case, Bill decided the way to get a better cup of coffee was to build a coffee shop that made coffee the right way. Following a plan that identified the highest standards of coffeemaking, Bill, Paul, and Zach built a system to get the best coffee beans, roast those beans fresh daily on site, use the best equipment and highly trained baristas to provide the very best coffee for their customers. Customers can be confident that Bean Coffee Roasters will not take any shortcut in preparing every cup they make.

So, on July 5, 2018, we are all celebrating Bill and Paul’s commitment to making great coffee. Join me in saying “thank you” to them on Thursday for all the hard work they have put into giving a better place to have a better cup of coffee.

Cam Finley
For Bean Coffee Roasters